Thursday, August 13, 2020

Leave It To The Pros


Leave It To The Pros

There were a few volunteer trees under the power cable in the yard across the street. The power company sent out a contractor to trim the branches away from the cable.  The standing dead trees were left in place.

Basis the neighborhood grapevine, over the next couple of weeks the neighbors who own the property decided to make the removal a DYI project.  When that became beyond their skills they hired two guys who showed up in a rental truck.  

 I was unloading from a trip out of town when I noticed what was going on and grabbed my cell phone for photos.  On the up side, no one was hurt.

The photo story starts with a branch from one of the trees caught in some power cables to the next door neighbor's house.  This required leaning a ladder onto the neighbor's house and cutting the branch from the cable.

I've seen stunts like this on YouTube.  I thought they were faked.  Maybe not.

This morning the trees were down and the truck was gone and I caught up with the guy who owns the house in the photos.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Rag Rugs in Overshot

Rag Rugs in Overshot

I had warp left on the loom and scraps left from graduation blankets along with a stash of 1970's fabrics gifted to me.  This is the same warp set up as the green rugs woven in rose path, summer 2019.  Below is the result.  

The loom has been dismantled.  Ready to be transported to Wausaukee.  The hope is to add a sun room to that house with room for my floor loom and a sleeping swing.  The thought of weaving in the winter, watching the deer browse by is something to look forward to.

 The above is how the rugs came off the loom. Remember, all the same warp. 

Below is woven in tabby using cut up sweatshirts and leggings (burgundy) with the sheer insert.  Note how the warp shifted between the lycra and sheer of legging fabrics.  Lesson learned.

The rug below shows both sides because I used a modified rosepath treadling.  Each side will be different.  The materials used were scraps from my stash cut to about 1.5" wide strips for the overshot, and yardage of a fabric gifted to me for the tabbly.  It twinkles in the subtle color changes.  

The tabby is a beautiful pima cotton print from the 70's given to me by a woman who worked at Mary Lester's fabric store back in the 70's.   Her daughters do not sew.  I was the lucky recipient of her fabrics.  (I gave some to a craft group in Crivitz.  Some went to my daughter.  The rest has been added to my collection.)   It was printed with dyes that are no longer used due to their carcinogenic nature.  No longer something I would consider to wear.  But, there will be much enjoyment from it as a rug.

Below is a rug, also woven in a modified rosepath.  This time is scrap jersey and sweatshirt fabric cut to 1' width.  Turquoise, teal and grey.  Scraps from sewing projects for my children and a worn out running shirt Larry loved to rags. Notice how nicely the pattern flows.  Tabby was also done in the jersey.

The grey and black sweat shirt filler was cut to 1" wide and woven in a tabby pattern.  There is something satisfying in a traditional weave.

Leftover sweat fabrics from Auburn and UWM graduation blankets.  The patch strips were narrowed from 6" to 1" and sewn together.  The lengths were divided in half so the rug would be mirror image without having to count rows.  
I wove a modified rosepath in the edges and tabby in the main portion of the rug.  It works.  A bit outside of my color preferences.  In the right room it will blend to perfection.

I did enjoy watching the colors interact with the warp and each filler chosen.  The warp is prominent in tabby.  Overshot dominates visually.  Much more to explore.

Winter Amaryllis

A received an amaryllis bulb as a Christmas gift.  It is now in decline to the point I will not show it.  below is bulb to full bloom. 

Larry's Bonfire Birthday Celebration

Larry's First Annual Birthday Bonfire

Snow, Fire, Fuel and good company.  Happy Birthday Larry!!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Winter has arrived in Wausaukee

December 1, 2019:  It snowed.

 Above is the garden put to sleep until next spring.

The photo above was used in this year's Christmas letter.  There is a driveway beneath the snow.                              Note the power poles at the road and in the pine tree?

The photo above better shows the reason why we are looking forward to the power company putting in underground lines in 2020.  .... The power line is currently routed through the pine tree.  This property is the last house on the line.  Not such a good place to be when the wind blows, rain comes, snow falls, reindeer fly... It is time for it to go underground, or we set up a back up system.