Monday, September 29, 2014

It started when I noticed a few tiles were loose.  I put aside a couple of days to do the repair over the 4th of July shutdown.  3 months later, it is done.
The mining shovel on the shower curtain came from a calendar Harnischfeger handed out a few years ago.  No one else has a P&H mining shovel painted on their shower curtain.
 New backer board and the tiles going into place.

 Waiting for city inspection
 new backer board and fiberglass tape ready to be plastered.
 I hate cutting tiles and delayed the task as long as possible.
 I noticed the water damage ignored from a leak from above years ago, and cracks in the ceiling from being a mid century house.
 Grouting is done and new fixtures are installed.
 Every time I sanded the ceiling repair (3 coats as per on line videos) I did a couple quick dustings with the sanding block on the walls to even off old layers of paint... peach, jade, white, deep Caribbean blue.  Then I scraped the plaster knife over the wall to fill in where life had left it's marks.
 One way to protect the tiles etc from my bad painting skills.

 Primer and texturizing sand to blend the new with the original.  I am still amazed by the coverage from one coat of primer.

 There was an uneveness above the heating vent that I can't find any more.
 This is still primer.
 Final coat of paint.  Two coats from a deep blue to white.  AMAZING!!  I did have to go around with a small brush and cover a few spots of blue on the tiles.  15 minutes total.