Monday, June 12, 2017

Wausaukee Wildlife

The city girl in me is familiar with squirrels, rabbits and dogs on leashes.  Wausaukee does not have dogs on leashes.  It does have wild reptiles and amphibians wandering through the yard this Spring.  

I was in the currant patch weeding when handsome distance runner yelled from the top of the hill to come and see.  Yes, my mellow, nothing excites him Yooper was jumping up and down like a 3 year old in a candy store.

He ran to the house to get the camera and I started to slowly walk up the hill to the garage and the area he was pointing to.  

There was a turtle traipsing across the yard.  Turtles have a reputation for being slow.  This guy had not heard about that reputation.  He was quite speedy.  It seems this is breeding season and he had plans to find a female, or more.

The turtle does not look all that big until compared to a 2 liter soda bottle.  

Look closely at the photo to see the toad.   It definitely blends.


 Snakes that eat mice and other snakes by the garage is OK....  .  

A snake using a hole 5' from the back door is not welcome.  

The grass snake (?) below got tangled up in the snake trap under the veranda.  He is no longer under the veranda.

Did you happen to notice that none of these snakes look under fed.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day 2017


I changed out the 'posies' on the graves in Larry's home town two weekends ago.  Many were veterans who came back and made the world a better place.  The rest were the wives and parents, grandchildren, great grandchildren and on through the generations of those soldiers.  All are related though family and friendship in a small town.  When I was done there were 5 bunches of posies left over of the 23  brought.  Larry is leaving Thursday for the weekend.  Before I arrive, he will find the graves I missed. 

This year I went big and bought the $3 bunches in a cream colored gardenia.  They really showed nicely through out the small town cemetery.  There were some graves a few generations old where I was not the only person putting on fresh posies.  The gardenias blended in with the other stems of silk flowers as if planned. 

This is something Larry's mom used to do with Aunt Mary.  When she died, Larry would take Aunt Mary to change out the silk flowers on the graves.  Aunt Mary added the tradition of adding spare posies to a grave where no posies were, because every grave needed flowers.  Now that Aunt Mary is gone, the next generation has taken over this tradition.  Aunt Kathy and our household and Cassie take off the old silk flowers and put out the fresh ones so they will be all fresh for Memorial Day. 

In 2014, just before the fall freeze Aunt Mary accompanied me to the cemetery when I planted yellow iris bulbs next to the head stone of Larry's parents.  This year they may be in bloom for Memorial Day.  Live flowers on Memorial day are a treat where the frost line may not go away until June. 

Before next week the local chapter of the VFW will add the American flags to the graves of all who served.   

Monday morning we will gather to hear the high school band march onto the cemetery grounds and play patriotic music, listen to memorial speeches by local officials and smile when the aging soprano of the community choir doesn't quite find the note she once knew so well in the national anthem.  Before and after we will see friends and family and catch up on the year, noting how much has changed and how little has  changed since the last time we saw each other. 
Have a blessed Memorial Day.