Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring 2017

It is the last weekend of April and Spring is at it's peak.  The photo above was taken by my handsome distance runner a couple weeks ago in Wausaukee.  It is a late Winter moon in a sunset.

This year has tried all that God blessed me with.  We were counting the weeks before the birth of our grand daughter in early May.  Then in March my dad suddenly took ill and died a day before his 87th birthday.  There will be no 4 generation photos with him.  Baby girl is in place for her first breaths and I am not travelling more than an hour from home until then.

In the Winter it is dark when I leave for work and dark when I return.  Today is Saturday and while eating breakfast I looked at the stove and was shocked by the grime on the floor in the space you can't reach with a mop.  While scrubbing that my eye was drawn to the cabinet fronts.  From there I noticed the lower door front of the fridge, but was distracted by the ketchup dried to the leg of a chair.  How does ketchup end up on the chair leg in a house of adults????    

Today's goal is prune the raspberry canes that were ignored last fall.  When I go through the kitchen I am going to close my eyes to avoid distraction.