Thursday, November 24, 2011

Marquette Marthon 2011

The 2011 Marquette Marathon / 1/2 Marathon began just before sunrise on Presque Isle. It ended much later on Presque Isle. Larry and I waited out the start of the race about 2 miles from the beginning. It was a gorgeous beginning to a gorgeous day!!

The goal was to have corresponding photos of both Matthew and Cassie at the same or similar locations along the route. This plan ended when Cassie found her wall at 18 miles and needed on the spot training from Larry. Regrettably, we missed Matthew's finish. We caught up with him at the end, after we were sure Cassie was OK. Then Larry joined Cassie a second time, around the mile 11 (21 for the marathon finish) marker and ran in with her until the chutes were visible.

The photos and videos are in chronological order so further explanation is not needed.

The end.