Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crystal Falls Weekend

This is the first weekend I have been back to the Crystal Falls house since Christmas. Much snow, moved by Larry's brothers before we arrived.

Cassie is walking back from the mailbox on the other side of the snow bank in the first few pictures, before she headed up the path to the house.

Sunday we took Aunt Mary out to dinner and celebrated Cassie and Matthew's engagement with her cousin Jenny and her parents. This is right after Jenny agreed to be a bridesmaid. (Matthew did not join us this weekend.)

The photo below is all the ladies, Kathy, me, Jenny, Cassie and Aunt Mary is seated.

Monday morning we woke up to below zero temperature. It was a bit nippy. The view is to the West from the kitchen. The Goose thermometer marks the temperature and I can see some of last week's snow hanging off the edge of the roof. The orange topped stake in the distance is from the survey done on the property last Fall.
There is floor space at this house for the time being. This makes it a great place to tied down quilt tops. We did almost 2 tops, and watched chick flicks all weekend. My fingers were to the point of blisters.