Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 Blankets

The baby blanket started out as a set of valances at the Iron Mt. Goodwill store.  They were re-purposed with new fabric plaid squares and bordered with the same plaid ruffle.  Too cute for my new grand daughter.
 My younger God child graduated with honors from UW Whitewater.  Yooo Whoooo!!!

There is a story that goes with the blanket.  The top fabric is re-purposed sweat wear like the dozen or so prior college graduation blankets.

The day I went on the hunt for the purple and white school colored sweat shirt it took 6 stops to find 1, [yes ONE] UW Whitewater sweatshirt in grey, white and baby pink.  I am so glad the graduate was female.

(Notice how skillfully I extended the fabric by piecing the shorter pieces?  Yep... I am sneaky when it comes to designs)