Wednesday, April 30, 2008

24th Birthday Party

The celebration of Phil's 24th birthday began with his cake... German chocolate. Yes, it was that good.

The party was taken to G-town to share with the local grandpa. My 3 favorite men on this planet at the same table. Does it get any better?

Did you know that candles conveniently come in boxes of 24. It was a good thing we could light the candles indoors because outdoors was too breezy to fly a kite.

The local cousin provided the sunshine smile.

Below begs the question: Who is playing with who?
Below are my guys back home doing the male bonding thing while unpacking the supplies from the party.


These pictures were taken April 26, 2008. NO SNOW!! Blossoms are the theme. Cherry blossoms and Currant blossoms and the neighbor's tree in blossom. The raspberry patch and chives will bloom later.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cassie' truck

It took a week to get my clutch skills back. Larry and I formed a caravan and now Cassie has a truck at school. This is how we spent the day. Larry watching and Cassie getting used to handling the truck. There are very few areas that are flat to practice. We found a parking lot restricted to staff that was empty.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is it Spring yet I?

There are things to see this time of year that you cannot see when there is snow or leaves or grass. The small drainage ditch that flows to the parkway is one of those places. It is too early for duck families. Maybe in a month. Across the way is the high school in the distance with the sports fields in front of it. There was football practice going on when I drove past on my way to the park where I took the last 2 pictures, above. There are geese in one picture I took. You need to look.

Is it Spring yet II?

There are a number of pic's I saw in the camera Larry took on his last trip North. I do not where in the ether of our computer he put them. There will be a deer eating from Aunt Mary's yard once they are found.

Today is rainy/snowy and grey. The good thing about this is it keeps the nasty early Spring pollens out of the air. The snow is gone with the exception of a few sheltered patches. The pictures above start with a lagoon of a park near by. The next two are the cottonwood tree outside our back door. There is the infamous basketball hoop. The last picture is Larry using an air hose to top off his tires.

Do the double click on the middle 3 pictures. I took them during one of the snow events of today. You can also make out the buds on the tree.