Sunday, November 1, 2009

3 sisters and 5 cousins

My wonderfully talented, beautiful, creative and generous niece invited us for a delicious and seasonal Halloween dinner. There were broomstick and ghost bread sticks along with a ghostly green dip for shrimp on a table scape of spiders. Dessert was a tray of hand made caramel apples decorated in a variety of candies and nuts. Every one a work of art and delicious.

For entertainment we were treated to a DVD of an Uncle and his ukalalie singing his rendition of a song I am unfamiliar with. It was 'delightful'.

Above are three of the aunts and 5 cousins well sated and full of Halloween happiness.

Parenting the neighbor part 2

The guy next door moved the river rocks from the fence-line and then pushed construction materials against the fence. I suppose talking to the police is the next step. Crud-o-la.

The top pic is the remaining crop of pumpkins after I harvested a monster of a pumpkin a few weeks earlier. The bottom pic is the 'vicious' miniature doberman dogs that patrol the yard next door day and night.