Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blizzard 2007

Wisconsin Winter arrived, late. Yesterday morning Cassie and I cleared the snow. This morning Larry took care of last night's deposits. Note how efficiently Pick and Save takes care of snow. Note how efficiently West Allis took care of the snow overnight. Friday there was no snow on the ground. The snowbanks are from the last 48 hours. I love Winter in Wisconsin!!
Our 18 year old snow baby cleared what the city plows left behind on the end of the driveway and then began building her annual snow fort. The sleeping beauty is posing on the top of the rampart.
We use a snow removal system without a motor attached to it. See the scoop against the garage? See the husband with shovel in hand. Next year when Phil is graduated and Cassie is away at college we will have the guy who plows the driveway across the way include us on his schedule.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yesterday was a very busy day. I hit the wall about the time Phil finished helping me post the pics. Now I have rested enough to add a little description to go with the grainy photos.

The day was a logistical challenge. We dropped Cassie off for the first band rehearsal at 8:00 am. They were sent their musical parts ahead of time to practice on their own and the day of the concert was the first time this band had been together. Her day was spent working toward the evening performance.

I went home to do the normal Saturday things.

Larry and I returned for the concert. The overall view of the band is always better from the balcony. We were not disappointed. I do not think there was a bad place in the chapel for hearing. Again, we were not disappointed.

The college band played first.... WOW. They were followed by the band made up of high school students. WOW, again. This was one of those moments when I think back to the first minutes of a tomato colored newborn of 18 years ago and the words from Larry were, "Look at those long delicate fingers. She's going to be a musician." He knew.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lakeside Band Festival: Carthage College 2/17/07

Cassie's honor's band taken today. Pics taken from the balcony.... sorry.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cousins at the zoo 2005.

My First Time


This is the first blog entry. My son, Mr IT is prompting me.

This is a recent picture from a dance Cassie attended.

The picture below is her first meet of her senior season taken by Tiera in West Bend.