Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Early Autum Flowers

Mid September garden. Hosta, wild sunflowers, Chinese lanterns, tansy, purple coneflower, the dried seed heads of columbine, the leaves of the ditch day lilys and some annual I bought this Spring because it grew tall enough to add interest to the back.

They look nice in a photo. They are a bugger to keep from taking over. Thank goodness for gas lawn mowers to keep them tamed.

My computer did not do well with a recent Windows update. Everything had to be re-installed. Photo shop is still waiting. This leaves my options limited to paint box and rotate. I soooooo miss the crop feature. Thank goodness the photos were taken when the sun was up. There is no way to brighten, either.

The 4th picture is Cassie adding air to her tire. I like the way she reflects in the back quarter panel of her truck.