Sunday, June 17, 2007

Amanda and CassandraThe other Amanda and Tim

Amanda and Wayne
These are the pics worthy of sharing. The rest have been relegated to the ether. I spent the day clicking and when it was over I discovered that there were wonderful guests who I missed with the shutter. Lenny, Karen, Sophi...... There are still more graduation parties and softball games to share. The blog allows 5 pics per post. I lost count of the posts of the grad party. Enjoy.

Cassie's Graduation Party; Continued

Nannette and Aunt Carol
Dad, Kristie, Bobi and Brett.... 4 generationsGeorge and Linda, behind
Lynnette and Nina

Taken from the upper porch... Karen and Brett

Cassie's Graduation Party; Continued



Cassie's Graduation Party; Continued

DinahUncle Dick
Wayne and Dad
Aunt Jean and George
Lauren..... and the Pepsi can.
Dinah, Bobi and Lynnette

BarrettThe other Phil.... He sings.
Suzie and the music skirt.
Don and Georgette . Note the hot air balloon shirt ? Note the really cool necklace with the matching earings?
All the really good pics of Wayne included a plate of food. I have NO idea why .Uncle Lawrence, cousin Larry and another really nice pic of Wayne with a plate in his hand.
George, Kristie, Carol and Larry.
Tall Tim and Matthew.... No, they are not brothers.

Cassie's Graduation Party; Continued

This is Phil doing an Eliot head 'woogie'Eliot vs the turkey sandwich. Eliot 1 turkey sandwich 0.
Larry the relaxed host.

Aunt Carol and Aunt Donna Yvonne checking out Phil's good cooking.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cassie's Graduation Party; Continued

Cousins: Bobi, Wayne, JoAnn, Lynnette, George, Nannette.
Aunt Jean reviewing the 2007 yearbook.
View of the party from the upper deck.
Brett is prepared to travel all around the party.

What do you call a man almost 50 who sits on a second floor porch railing? ..... Brian.

Cassie's Graduation Party; Continued

This is all that is left of the cake... the picture.
I think this is Barrette's first graduation party.
Joyce all pretty in pink.
Dave, Lori and Phil in the background.

Linda and Mike