Saturday, April 14, 2007


Today Cassie and I took a daytrip to Manitowac. She scheduled her placement tests for Plattevile at the Mantowac UW campus. Somehow this makes sense.

I spent the time enjoying the day. There are no pictures. I wish I had taken the camera... but I never considered it. I did some shopping and went back to the campus before the tests were over and took a walk.

The campus is on Lake Michigan. There looks like there is a cross country route designed into the campus along with areas designated for wild flowers and a fenced in bat colony. I used a wheel chair ramp to go down to the lake. The shore is covered with these 1" clam-type shells that cracked and crunched wherever I walked. The lake was a darker and bluer version of the sand near the shore and eventually became it's familiar steel blue before it hit the horizon and the sky took over with it's blues and light spots of clouds.

I was surprised that there were people on the lake in what looked like row boats, fishing. One guy was leaning way over the side of his boat pulling something in. I wondered what would happen if the lake pulled back. I am more comfortable with the lake from the shore.

Today was a crisp Spring day. What a contrast from the blizzard I drove home through on Wednesday. The only signs of saw left of that late Spring surprise was the occasional snow bank and the flattened daffodiles that were in bloom when the storm hit. It was a beautiful day.

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