Saturday, November 22, 2008

Memorial Day and preparation

The famliy puts posies on the graves in two cemetaries. One is in Amasa the other is in Channing. This is the first time Amasa pictures were taken. I managed to mix them up in the postings.

The ceremony was at the Channing cemetary. The picture with me in it was at the Channing cemetary because I did not go to Amasa.

The reason they go to the Amasa cemetary is because Bazillio is buried there. This bears an explanation. Bazillio was an Italian immegrant of Emil and Mary Piasini's generetion. He never married and did not have children to speak of. Everyone knew who he was and no one ever spoke badly of him. There was so much love for this man that the church could not hold all the people who came to his funeral.

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