Monday, April 19, 2010

Donation quilts

Someone filled a Budwiser beer box with large cuttings of NASCAR prints and left it in the craft area of our United Methodist Church. Gwenda decided I was the person to do something about it so here is the result of two or so months of creativity, scraps from my sewing projects, 1/2 yard of rainbow colored flannel. 1/2 yard of royal blue gabardine and some on sale polar fleece.

The large blankets are backed with pieces of fleece full width and 7 feet long. That makes them a small twin sized blanket, but plenty big for a 3 year old boy.

The circle lap quilt is of leftover fleece hand stiched to another leftover piece of fleece. The pillow cases are an idea from my sister in Florida. She made a bunch of them for children with cancer and got a day pass to Disney World for the donation.

All of these will be donated to various organizations and mission projects our church women support. The formerly name Transitional Living Center will be getting the larger blankets. The fleece lap quilt will go to a hospice. I am not sure where the baby and toddler blankets will go. It really does not matter as long as it is for the glory of God.

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Kristie said...

Oh my Gosh!! You are so talented. I don't dare let my boys see this post......