Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 graduations, 3 weddings - 6 blankets

 This Summer is full of celebrations.  There were 3 graduations: 

The college patch quilts are deconstructed sweatshirts with a fleece backing.

Lauren Krueger my children's 2nd cousin.  She graduated from UWM.
 Sean is Matthew's best friend.  His alma mater is MSOE.
My niece Tiera graduated from Germantown High School.  The quill-o is in Germantown Blue.
Sophia and Tyler married June 16. The quilt below is tied in a double loft for extra warmth.

Cassie and Matthew married August 4.  This is the memory quilt with 36 patches.  There are a variety of methods used.  The backing is primarily fabrics left from sewing projects of Cassie's childhood.
Amanda and Brett will marry September 1. Above is the quilt for their wedding gift.

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