Monday, February 25, 2008

19th Birthday Party

We made a road trip to the college campus to celebrate Cassie's 19th birthday by grilling out. It was a wonderful day to celebrate!!

Open flames are not allowed in the dorm buildings. Outside it was too breezy to keep the candles lit on the cake. We gave up and sang 'Happy Birthday' as Phil tried to keep as many candles as possible lit on the lemon poppy seed cake. If you click on the cake you will see that some of the candles never lit.

A shovel was brought out from the truck and a walk space was described around the college provided Webber.

Ceile (sp) is a new and dear friend Cassie has made since moving to school. She makes sure Cassie gets to and from church on Sundays. This has been a blessing this Winter with the constantly changing variations on Winter. Bitter cold, sleety, foggy.... sometimes all on the same day.

Phil and Cassie and Matthew couldn't resist the occasional snow ball lobbed at one another. There are no pictures of that.

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