Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More snow

This is one more variation on snow. The ground was wet and slushy yesterday, and almost snow free. Today the snow from the sky is just around freezing.... wet and heavy. The numbers are everywhere from 10" --> 10' by the time the snow is over. #### is supposed to freeze over by the weekend.
The pictures were taken around noon facing the South (for you precision people). One minute the sun is out. The next minute it is snowing sideways from the gusts of wind. I do not hear the wind in the house. It must be a combination of old fashioned storm windows and the pine trees that cut the wind, grown throughout the neighborhood.
One picture was through the kitchen window. The next was the snow sticking to the porch door. I pushed the door of the upper porch open to get the third picture, hoping to capture a snow devil off the garage roof. The last picture is the snow I had to push out of the way to take the picture from the upper porch. I know... cliche's. This will seem like a foreign planet when I look at this post in July.

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