Monday, May 30, 2011

Wisconsin Malibu 1 : Michigan doe 0 -- Game over

11:00 am on a Sunday. Clear sky. Sun shining. Just North of Iron Mountain, Michigan and the gravel pit on M95, two deer ran across the highway. I missed the fawn and hit the yearling doe. A conservation officer pulled up as Cassie and I ran back to pick up the pieces from the car grill before they caused problems for other drivers. He finished off with his side arm what I started with my car grill.

I was Soooo angry. Stupid deer.

I asked for a permit to keep the meat, which he issued. Then we got in touch with my local brother-in-laws who hunt. They said to leave it in the ditch because the meat is not worth eating until July. It is tough and stringy with the flavor of lichens and moss. I followed his advice.

One more new skill for this city raised girl.

We were following about 20 minute behind Larry. He is having problems with his Explorer. He was driving it to his brother's where it will be put on a flat bed. His brothers will bring it home so it can be fixed.

Cassie took off with the car to go pick up Larry and bring him back. I stayed on the side of the road with the conservation officer while the Dickinson County Sheriff showed up and took information for the accident report. It is needed for the insurance claim.

Above is me caught in the pictures taken by Larry.

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