Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pulmonary Heart Valve Replacement : 2011 -5

I'M HOME!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 I underwent pulmonary heart valve replacement.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 ~ 3:30 I was released from the hospital to go home and recover. There are many things I experienced and will gradually blog as I am physically able. It is amazing how tiring that 20 minute ride was.

The picture above is June 2, 2010 documentation of warping up my loom for the first time in two decades. (There are more flowers in the camera from my morning walk in front of the house and a 'replace batteries' message.) The warping of the loom seems appropriate because I feel all tangled up inside, yet I know as long as I follow the plan everything will fall in line.

Today I will say my thank yous. I do not know if it was mentioned in the prior blog, but my valve is a homo-graft. Homo-grafts function longer than the other biological valves. So, beating within my heart is a remnant of a young person who gave me a much better future. This done by a family out of the depths of horrendous loss. Humbled is not a strong enough description of my gratitude.

Thank you to the surgical team. There are modifications needed to work on the pulmonary valve. I lost consciousness around 9:00 am. I was in the ICU by 5:30 pm. How many of us are at our best for 7 1/2 hours straight?

Thank you to the cardiologists who guided me through the pre-op testing and decision making.

Thank you to the arrhythmia cardiologists who beamed happiness when their drug therapy brought the results needed.

Thank you to the physcian assistants who knew what to expect. They gave me a clear headed view when I was having trouble forming a noun verb noun sentence.

Thank you to my personal Primary Care Physician, who showed up with the intern-of-the-month to pay a visit. Every time I had a test or visit I was asked who my Primary Care Physician was. She was getting updates and came to check out what the results were.

Thank you to my gynecologist's office who fielded questions on Monday morning, via telephone on non heart related issuses

Thank you to the Chaplaincy from inside the hospital and my beloved local churches. They brought God to me when I was too muddle headed to feel Him.

Thank you to the nursing staff. I began compiling a list of their names Sunday. Initially I was looking for a repeat of names. Instead it turned into a baby name directory: Veronica, Linda, Adala, Tacy, Heather, Judy, Andrea, Melissa, Jessie, Eric, Michell, Shella and Melissa Part II. This is a very incomplete blended list of RN and nursing assistants assigned to me. They work nasty hours and are pleasant and encouraging to those they care for. Try asking your spouse for a glass of ice water at 3:30 am. It always came with a smile.

Thank you to those who know me and still called, sent cards and visited.

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