Monday, July 11, 2011

Pulmonary Heart Valve Replacement : 2011 - 21

Monday July 11, 2011:

Above is my loom set up with the castle backwards. The castle holds the 4 harnesses and the levers for raising and lowering them. My loom dismantles for easy threading and flat storage. Now I have to reach over the castle to raise and lower the harnesses.

My cousin sent me a link to a UW auction site that sells excess supplies as their classes change. I bid on a floor loom that got too expensive to justify. Just as well. I am having trouble setting up the table loom correctly. The site is:

Now for good news. Today was the appointment with the surgeon. He has released me to return to work on Monday July 18.

I have spent the rest of today setting up the next 3 weeks of cardiac rehab to correspond with my work hours and setting up my work hours to correspond with the cardiac rehab. Did I mention my surgeon wants me to complete to program? It will require that I begin work half an hour early to leave half an hour early on the three days a week I have rehab.

Cardiac rehab is making my muscles ache. I am gimping around. Today, after rehab the weather had turned to drenching rain. I rinsed the sweat off on my way to the car as I passed people going into the building with their umbrellas.

The surgeon told me I would be able to return to full upper body strength sooner if I focused on increasing free weights to 10# at cardiac rehab. That would develop the support muscles to the collar bone and get me back to complete yoga sooner. Let's see how that goes in the remaining 3 weeks of cardiac rehab from the 3# weights I am using.

The doctor kept repeating 'perfect, perfect, perfect' as he read down the list of stats on the medical report.

I reduced my aspirin by half today and then let my surgeon's nurse know. I have a few bruises that I don't remember getting. That is a sign that I am over-medicated with blood thinner. Been there before.

Don't expect any more postings for this topic. I told the doctor I hoped never to see him again, after I told him he did good work.

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