Saturday, April 28, 2018

Above is a photo commemorating the good bye to a beloved couple from our church on their last day before their move to be near family members during this new stage of their lives.

The group are people from a Bible study group.  Some from years ago.  Some from now.   Some were always there.

You may be wondering why any adult would attend Bible study on Sundays.    It is simple.  It gives me the boost to be a more compassionate and open person the other 6 days of the week.

Today I was running some mid-day errands.  There was an impatient person behind me while I waited for on coming traffic to pass.  When there was room to safely turn onto the highway I did and the other driver followed.  What surprised me was the road rage brought to the situation in the form of swinging his (her?)  full sized SUV well into my lane as he passed, and then quickly pulling into other traffic to avoid identification.  It was over before I knew it... and surprisingly....... the anger that used to be a part of my day lasted less than a second.  Instead I am sad that someone is so tightly wound that waiting to turn onto the highway would cause such a reaction.  I said a prayer that the other driver was now aware of the over reaction and was able to calm down.  I am still saddened by such an immature reaction.

When I got to where I was going, another vehicle was moving the wrong way down the parking aisle I had just turned into.  Space was made to pass each other, along with a smile and a wave.

The smiling faces of the photo are the reason the situations did not escalate.  By the grace of God and their kindness, I was able to show love today.  Our days are made better because the child of God in each of us is recognized.  This is what Bible study keeps in my heart. 

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