Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018 Gift Blankets

This is another year of celebrations. 

One tech school graduate who is now an official flight instructor.   This is a combination of deconstructed pre-used sweats and salvaging the letters to spell out the school name.  The back is lined in large pieces of red, black and white fleece.  The edges are finished with red, black and white left over sweat shirt fabric.  (This was a bad idea because it was too thick to make a respectable mitered corner.)

One high school graduate with a full scholarship to the crimson tide.  Blue taffeta back with red and white fleece front quill-o.  It folds into a easily transportable pillow using the pocket on the bottom of the blanket.  The 'Lucy' is added by trimming around a free needle cursive embroidery.

One new life expected in July.  The pre-print was too small on it's own, but popped when a 4" border was added along with super wide yellow rick rack trim.  The blanket was free needle machine quilted around the designs onto a green mini gingham back.  I love the wonky offset of the print.

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