Thursday, May 3, 2007

Busy Week

It has been a week of lasts.

Cassie got together with her old girl scout troop. It was designed as the last time before they went separate ways as adults. Some of the girls are going into the job market. Some are going to 2 and 4 year colleges. This is a great time of change and hope for the future.

Larry went to Newberry MI to say goodbye to Uncle George. Robert was not able to understand death and told the body in the casket to 'wake up'! George would have been 91 this month. Robert will be 92.

I sat in the auditorium one last time to listen to a Spring band concert. No pics. The camera was in Newberry. The freshman band members looked so young compared to my adult daughter in the advanced band. It is beyond my understanding how this talented musician on the oboe abused the violin.

This morning I made out my calendar for the next few months, and became teary eyed. There is one more concert with the orchestra. There are the proms. Of course, the graduation and a week and a half later she will be off to Louisiana for her last mission trip. Then in a blink she will be away at college. Ohhhh, here come the tears.

Larry came back today and he played the first church softball game of the season.

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