Friday, May 18, 2007

Eisenhower Prom

This is Cassie almost done. Cathy helped her up to this point and I finished the job when I got home from work. We put flowers from the Hale Prom in her hair for this prom. Notice the sheet over the chair? We learned about glitter last week.
The prom committee requires all participants to travel on the bus to the prom site. They hired 7 buses this year. All were underwritten through community donations.
Here are Cassie and Matthew ready for their second prom. There was a program in the auditorium that had all who were going to prom walk across the stage with their dates while being introduced.
Cassie and Matthew walking on stage. Below is his best friend Sean and Megan as the couple just after Cassie and Matthew.
Today, May 18, was warm and sunny. My beloved Wisconsin weather.

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