Monday, May 28, 2007

This is the color guard and school band at the memorial day parade. Kristine is in the second row of the clarinets. A double click on the photo should get you a better look.
Can you believe this is Aunt Mary. It is a bad picture of her with her mouth open, but the only one I have of the day. She does not look old enough to be Robert's baby sister. She was the first female of her family born on this continent. Sharon is doing grandma duty for my niece and her friends in the band by holding extra music and purses.
It's hard to believe Gen has been gone 15 years. She showed all who knew her what it meant to be a Christian woman. For this I am grateful.
Robert at 92. Larry at 50. Robert translated code during WWII in the Pacific. This is one of the things that I embraced with Larry's family. The times I came of age in were anti-everything. Here is a family that quietly understands what patriotism is. Aunt Mary puts flags out for the veterans who have passed, with the ladies of the axillary. Her husband fought in the war so she can help. She buys 'poseys' at the dollar store for the graves. Any grave without someone to put 'poseys' on it gets them anyway.

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