Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Somehow this cicada found it's way to the porch. I think the finger belongs to Matthew. The photography belongs to Cassie. There is also a video of it emerging from it's cocoon. It is July 17, 2007. Does it seem a little on the late side to you too?

The third photo is what it looked like 2 hours later. It is still there. I guess it is confused.

Kristie took pics of her flowers. These flowers squeezed out the monarda she spoke of as invasive. There are hollyhocks in the back that I missed weeding out of what never turned into this year's tomato patch. In front of those are the rabbit repelling marigolds that the rabbits frolic in. The tall greens are from a single obedience plant that was a 'gift' in a nursery order I made. The flowers are spikes of lilac... in a few weeks. The weedy looking stuff is actually garden herbs.
Below is a combination of colors that can only work in nature, wild day lilies and purple coneflower. I have seen bees collecting from these flowers. These flowers have overgrown my service walk. Look closely and you can see a Japanese Lantern in the very front of the pic. It is green. Soon it will be the same orange as the lilies. It is a toss up as to which is more invasive. This is what I wanted.... flowers so hardy they can survive a husband with a lawn mower.

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