Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Southern Thoms day one

Cassie took the cousins for a walk to and from Greenfield park. Note Keegan bringing up the rear. [double click on the tree] It was hot and sticky.Fed and happy. Larry lit the grill. Phil cooked Italian sausages and hamburgers. I scooped the H2O melon.
Later we saw the fireworks at State Fair park. These last 2 days I have seen fireworks from closer up than ever before. Tonight I had to tilt my head back.

We made turtle sundaes when we got back home. You will need to ask them why they are called turtle sundaes.

The children were given a choice of sleeping on the air conditioned carpeted upstairs living room floor or the porches. Kaileigh is on the downstairs enclosed porch sleeping on the swing and the other two on on the upstairs porch in the open. [refer to the graduation pics for an visuals] There is no bad weather expected tonight.

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