Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sophie's graduation party

Two cousins, Larry and Tim facing the camera. Uncle Lawrence and Howard on the other side of the picnic table. It was HOT!!
A closer view of Larry and Tim.

This is Joyce and a friend talking with me. Howard and Tim are working with the tent. I am not sure who the rest of the people are.
This is James sitting with a friend.

The day was hot. The ladies spent most of it out of the sun.

Robin came with her Sarah and Lucas. Sarah has been invited to play varsity basketball in the fall.

Diane came down with Howard from the UP where they make their home. Their youngest enlisted after he finished school. He is 6 months older than my first child. Howard served and now both their sons have seen Iraq.

Sophia, remember the graduate, will be attending UW Waukesha in the fall. Still no picture of her.

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