Monday, October 22, 2007

Back to school

I finished the formal concert dress just before I took Cassie back to school. She liked it, but likes this year's prom dress better. I finally got the fit right. Matthew really liked it. I think the concert is in November. They danced around the living room, Cassie in a band concert dress. Matthew in the Eisenhower prom t-shirt.
This is the view from Cassie's new dorm room. Her original room mate moved out a few weeks ago. Last week Cassie was given options of finding a replacement, allowing the college to find her a room mate or paying for a private room. Cassie switched with someone who wanted a private room. It took 15 trips, up one floor in the same building. Now she has a room mate.

One more picture of Autumn in Platteville. It was a wonderful weekend. A cold front came through today and brought Autumn. Cassie called today and said she was chilled after her running practice. I was shivering in the kitchen while she spoke. We discussed the practical-ity of dressing tonight for warmth and fashion can go pound dirt. Puppy pants and hooded sweat shirts for her evening class.

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