Friday, October 12, 2007

Japanese Lanterns

I heard a noise outside and discovered some heavy construction equipment working on the open back side of the strip mall on highway 100. It was after 6, but I tried for a picture, anyway. They did not turn out, but on a whim I pointed the camera down into my Japanese lantern patch before I came in from the porch. I used a bunch of enhancements and the above is the result.

This weekend the storm windows go up. In a couple of weeks the iris's will be split and transplanted. Maybe some weeding. What was I thinking? Forget the weeding. The snow will cover the weeds in a few weeks.

Tonight I am taking it easy and putting some time into Cassie's concert dress. It is a simple dress similar to the one Lynnette wore in high school, except it is solid black.

Larry is at a football game. It is a bit cold and I am a bit worn out to join him tonight. Maybe I will go next week.

The cafeterias are not always open when Cassie is through with her day so she has been keeping stuff to eat in her dorm room for those times. I sent a package of peanut free stuff to her from the airport post office on my way to work on Thursday. It arrived Thursday afternoon. I am amazed. She is pudging on chocolate covered almonds, raisens and almond butter along with some jams from the basement. It was a one time event. Shipping to her often could become pricey. We will send her back with a couple boxes of consumable stuff when she visits the end of this month.

Tomorrow she will run in the LaCrosse area with the cross country team. I look forward to her report after the meet.

Phil is working his way through this semester in his usual efficient way. He is now to the point that it is becoming hard for me to follow his explanations. I have met my match.

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