Sunday, October 21, 2007

Winneconne CC race... the beginning

Cassie had a cross country meet in Winneconne on Friday the 19th. It was also her midterm break. We watched the race and brought her home for the weekend. The pics of this posting are of the warm ups and beginning of the race. Platteville is wearing the blue and orange. Cassie had a mix up concerning the laundering schedule so she is wearing her black leggings, baggy shorts and a torquoise tank for the race. The warm up exercises show her in a blue long sleeved shirt. The baggy shorts made her slower than she might have been because they caught the wind. Yes, it was drizzly and very windy and on the cool side. Some how she PR'd in this race, baggy shorts and all. She keeps on getting better. She was the last Platteville runner to finish the race. She was not the last runner to finish the race.

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