Saturday, October 27, 2007

Winneconne Regionals

Cassie called on Thursday to tell me she managed a ride to the regionals with a group of other CC runners. Of course, I made the trip to visit. It was a great day. It was not as windy as last week. There were clouds when I left home. I saw all kinds of geese flying in their Autumn 'V' on my drive North. There were none in sight once I parked the car. The top pic is Cassie running past me to congratulate her elite team mates of the women's team. The rest are her with the blue and orange painted on her face. She called her dad to visit while we went to the car to get her care package of the day.

Below is the early line up of the men's regional run. The banana was there for the purpose of team spirit. I met up with Cassie at the end of the men's 5 mile run and then headed home. She went back to school.

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