Sunday, September 30, 2007

My first 'Mom' visit to Platteville

Today I drove across the state with Matthew to visit Cassie. I was fortified with gifts of cookies, mugs, t-shirts, pastries and chocolate from our trip to the UP and my kitchen. It was everything a helicopter mom needs to take on an inspection visit. I even provided cookies to Dave and Matthew along with a 21st birthday 4 pack of birch beer (soda) for Dave. :)
We went out for brunch and then went to worship at the local United Methodist church. This day the church was celebrating it's 175th anniversary, YES!!! 175 years in Platteville. The Bishop was even there to give the message. This was quite a celebration.
The pic above is of me with Dave. He was an intern this Summer at work specializing in computer software applications and now is back in school for another 2 years. He is renting the house behind us with a few of his friends. [The land lord has been painting the house and had just finished the blue. It looks like he will get it done by Winter.]
The pics below are of happy happy Cassie and Matthew, in her dorm room and in front of her dorm building.

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