Tuesday, September 11, 2007

25 years road trip III

We started out in the morning thinking about making the 10:00 boat trip. Then we realized we were in the central time zone and Munising is in the eastern time zone. Then we aimed at the 1:00 boat trip and got side tracked by a bakery in one of the small towns between Marquette and Munising. We arrived in time to see it leave the dock. There was room on the 4:00 tour.

Above is Larry after we registered at the hotel. It was a warm day. He has on the sweat shirt in anticipation of the cool Lake Superior.
The rail tracks above led into the lake. I don't know if double clicking will show enough to be able to see the underwater tracks through the waves.
These are some of the boats in Munising Bay. Yes, the colors are accurate.

Below is what the high school looks like from the dock. There were some boys playing in the water as we got on board. They started out with shirts on and then had more fun with their shirts off.

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