Monday, September 10, 2007

25 years road trip

Twenty five years ago Larry and I gathered friends and family in a storefront chapel to declare before all, our desire to live a future together. Most of the anniversary dates were uneventful with a few exceptions. On our first anniversary I learned Phil was on the way. On our 18th anniversary Larry and his brother replaced the south roof shingles on the house. I like to think of that as a metaphore. On our 19th anniversary we had not planned anything special. That date is etched in the memory of every person alive then and in the future. This Tuesday is our 25th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we took the weekend and a day to enjoy a road trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan. AKA God's country.

Wisconsin has it's rolling hills and lakes and ports and forests. The U.P. has all that and steep, hilly forests right up to the lake. There are sloping beaches and cliffs that rise 200 feet above Lake Superior.

These are the first views of Lake Superior East of Marquette.

Below are wild turkeys crossing the road on the small detour we made to visit Larry's family. There were also deer and red squirrel sitings over the 3 days.

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