Tuesday, September 11, 2007

25 years road trip IV

Munising bay is protected by Grand Island. This is located in the middle of the bay. It is what keeps the bay one of the safest on Lake Superior. Above is a light house. It is maintained by people who have Summer homes on the Island. One of the light house workers lived there with his family of 12 children.
Pictured Rocks is a National park of ~ 12 1/2 miles long. From the harbor you see a tree lined ridge. You have to get onto the lake to see the cliffs.
The bedrock is colored by the minerals that seep through with the water escaping the water table of the surrounding land. It is higher than the lake. Black is formed by the manganese and tannin of the forest. The green/tourquoise is from the copper. The white is from Calcium. The reds are from the iron deposits.

Some of the areas were deep enough for the boat to go right up to the cliff. In one area we went into a tight alcove that rose above the top deck of the boat. Some areas the water was only 2 feet deep next to the cliffs.

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