Tuesday, September 11, 2007

25 years road trip VII

There are back roads to hiking paths in the Pictured Rocks National Forest. They are not wheel chair accessible. They cannot be driven had highway speeds and expect to keep your support system in tact. They are worth the hike. SLOWLY is a good way to hike. The trails have wooden bridges over the swampiest parts, sometimes. Most of the paths are a combination of roots, leaves, sand and pine needles. The mileage seems to be as the crow flies. 1.3 miles is from my front door to Greenfield Park on paved sidewalks. The 1.3 miles in the National park did not include the 45 degree hills and the zig zag paths up and down the hills. The photos do not do justice to the changing elevations on the hikes.
Larry is puddle hopping above the Mosquito Falls on Mosquito River.
Mosquito River Falls.
This is how we got to Mosquito Falls on the Mosquito River. It was a cool day that allowed me to wear long sleeves. Otherwise I may have also had an opportunity to have a first hand experience with the Mosquito River's namesake.
As with the lake tour, these colors are true to the day.

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