Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pulmonary Heart Valve Replacement : 2011 - 12

June 15, 2011: The monitor arrived yesterday afternoon and included a scale. Problem solved. It is set up to be user friendly with voice directions that take you through the process of O2, BP, weight and heart rate. Then it is transmitted to the VNA near by via wireless connections.

There is a lot of heart surgery going on this year. Everyone in the field is operating at maximum capacity. That is why it took a week to get the monitor. It would not surprise me if there were someone waiting for the monitor I am using.

Tamoxefen was restarted today. It is two weeks after the surgery. The hot flashes returned two hours after the first dose. Ya' gatt'a love consistency.

The scabs from the original surgery have all come off.

The sharp pain came back and I am able to locate it to the area of scaring from the breast cancer. It is swollen and feels bruised. No surprise. It was probably stretched and tugged and .... during the surgery. This is one more layer of healing to go through.

A vein on my right arm can be felt from the line insertion point ~ 4" above my wrist to ~ 2" above my elbow. It is hard and tender to the touch. This may pass in time.

Most of the bruising is gone. Each day a little more is absorbed by my body.

I slept past two alarms. It is cold and drizzly. Perfect sleeping weather.

This afternoon the plan is to venture out of the house to buy Larry his father's day gift. Cassie is going to drive me across the street and the plan is to make this a 10 minute walk in the store.

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