Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pulmonary Heart Valve Replacement : 2011 - 17

Tuesday June 21, 2011:
I was up just one time during the night.

The weight has not budged since yesterday.

The surgery was on June 1. It is the 3 week mark.

I walked 2 Xs yesterday for 10 - 12 minutes. This morning I've already walked 15 minutes. It was harder to walk the 10 minutes on Sunday than the 15 minutes this morning. Normal is happening.

The vein rawness in my right arm is slowly going away.

I put the TEDs back on because I saw a slight swelling in my right leg. My best guess is the swelling is a reaction to the walking program in progress. I will try to go without in a few days and see what happens.

Tomorrow is the first follow up appointment with my cardiologist. I look forward to new information and direction. 'When can I start weaning off the nasty heart meds?', is top of my list.

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