Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pulmonary Heart Valve Replacement : 2011 - 19

Saturday June 25, 2011:

I have been pushing to see where my physical boundaries are with the new valve. Yesterday I found my limitations. Whoa, did I find my limitations!!

Yesterday morning I decided to cut out a set of scrubs for Cassie. A simple top and pants.

The cutting went well so I decided I felt well enough to weed / thin out a flower bed. It is an unruly mixture of day lilies, tansy, bishop's weed, wild sunflowers and Japanese lanterns. Last Fall I added half a dozen chrysanthemums to the front of the bed for end of season color. My goal was to give the chrysanthemums some breathing room.

Out came the tarp and nitral gloves and kitchen knife. I sat on the tarp as I pulled and cut out the plants growing out of place for over an hour. The discards were tossed onto the lawn where this week's mowing will turn them into mulch for the lawn.

The photo above of the weeds and flower bed was taken this morning from the top porch.

I drove to the store to buy a blade for the rotary cutter. Cassie came along because she wanted a piece of fabric to coordinate with a scrub top she is making. She suggested the JoAnn fabric store as we had been to the Hancock fabric store for the scrub top fabric.

This was an opportunity to remind me why I do not normally shop at this company's stores. They are designed as a maze with bottle necks wherever someone decided to give you an opportunity to see one more item the store is hawking. I always feel clostrophobic in their stores.

A trip to the bank ended my excursions for the day.

Dishes were done.

The VNA showed up and I was released from their care. She was amazed as my remarkable progress.

I was looking forward to sitting in the bleachers at the church league softball game at 6:15. (after a short nap)

I woke up from the nap in what can only be described as a 3 year old who needed another nap. Tearful, fatiqued to the point of ending up on the kitchen floor with my legs elevated against the kitchen sink. This is a yoga inversion that takes the stress off the heart. I stayed that way for a quite a while until I was rested enough to sit up, drink some water and eat some soup. Then I made my way on hands and knees to the living room where I rested sitting on the floor and finally onto the sofa.

Larry was a deer in the headlights during this. He came home from a 10 hour work day expecting to play softball. Neither of us made it to the game.

I forget I am still healing. My heart reminded me in no uncertain terms that I need to slow down a bit. Cardiac rehab begins on Monday. I will have to be intentional about slowing down.

This morning I slept in and then went to the Beliot road weight watchers weigh in to keep me up to date. It is the last time because the plan is to return to the site at work after the 4th of July shutdown.

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