Monday, June 20, 2011

Pulmonary Heart Valve Replacement : 2011 - 16

Monday June 20, 2011:
Yesterday I actually wanted to sing. It was not something to perform. It has been such a long time since I've had the breath control to sing a phrase.

I am making progress on the Spiro--- ometer. It is not as spectacular as the first few days.

I decided to apply the exercise program as recommended. The calisthenics were a breeze.

The 10 - 12 minute walks --- 3-4 times a day were a roadblock. I discovered it took me 11 minutes to walk around the block. Every time during the rest of the day when I thought, " maybe I should take another walk", my body said, "nope".

I did calisthenics, inversion, steps, laundry, dishes, basic straightening of the house and one walk.

Today is a new day. The 8:15 walk was rained out before I had walked past 4 houses. That was a total walk time of 3 minutes. Then I walked up the stairs and claimed computer time. It is an hour later and it is still raining (with thunder).

My weight went up 2 1/2 pounds since yesterday morning. The call came in from VNA a few minutes ago to check in with me. I am not seeing swollen ankles, but I did eat everything in sight yesterday. This should pass.

Sleeping is still a challenge. My 'normal' sleep position is on either side. Sleeping on my back is not comfortable for me. That is changing because sleeping on either side puts pressure on my collar bone and it lets me know.

The sensation in my chest is that of a girdle [and the ever present 'itching']. Unlike prior to surgery, it is not causing me heart difficulty or breathing difficulty. It is just the tugs of what on a girdle would be the lacings. On occasion there is a dull deep pain that anyone would recognize as a bruise. OTC Tylenol@ takes the edge off and all is right with my world.

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